Kotosugi (英語)

Life Force of Antiquity Transcended Centuries……

Senju, the Most Powerful Ki Holder ‘Kotosugi’ is the most precious and ancient senju of 56 plant species that have lived up to the present day through nature’s severe challenge of wind and snow since the Ice Age, the 4th Cenozoic Era. It is also known as “the living fossil of antiquity” , since it has maintained its original form for over two hundred million years since the Mesozoic Era (when the dinosaurs were thriving). ‘Yun-nan Kotosugi’, which grows in the province of Yun-nan in the southern China, the most secluded region known as the world’s best magnetic field, is a senju that has been used since the ancient times. Especially, the ones of over one thousand years old are called ‘never-aging cedar’ (furosugi).
21m-Tall Giant Tree on Top of 4,100m above Sea Level The primeval forest of ‘Kotosugi’ is found mostly between 3,300m and 4,100m above sea level in the province of Yun-nan in the southern China, the most secluded region known as the world’s best magnetic field. Generally, the height 2,500m above sea level is considered as the limit for forests, and no tall trees can be found above this height. As the temperature drops by 0.6℃ per 100m above sea level, the annual average temperature above the height 3,000m above sea level is below freezing point. The survival of plants is very difficult at this height, and it is considered as the limit for the plant habitat. ‘Kotosugi’, however, grows even at the height higher than the tip of Mount Fuji in japan (3,776m above sea level), which proves its powerful life force and strong ki. It does not only grow on the highest height among all trees in the world, but is also of an exceptional size for an alpine plant; average height 21m, average girth 5.6m, and average age 3,000years old (research by China Science Ministry). These facts show that ‘Kotosugi’ has a very strong life force. Professor 羅天誥of Chinese Medical University, a world authority on Study of Forest Resources(森林資源学) and Director of Chinese Medicinal Resources Society(中国薬用資源学会), speculates that the oldest ‘kotosugi’ ages over ten thousand years. 。
Senju, Exclusive for Royal Family since B.C. ‘Kotosugi’ had been considered as a very precious ‘senju’ exclusive to the royal family and taken as a regular drink in the successive Chinese dynasties for more than 2,200 years since the Qin dynasty of 始皇帝. It was first introduced to Japan about 1,400 years ago, at the time of 聖徳太子. It is said to have been sent as a gift to the Japanese Imperial Family by the Sui Dynasty. 聖徳太子 had used it as a scepter. From ‘Forbidden to Export’ to Senju of 21st Century – China’s Great Decision Although it had been considered as a very precious ‘senju’ and taken most importantly by both the successive Chinese dynasties and the Japanese Imperial Family, ‘kotosugi’ had never gone out into the world in the contemporary period. This is because the Chinese Government has prohibited the logging and trading of ‘kotosugi’ by designating it as the Prime Protected Plants(一級保護植物) by law for the purpose of protecting such precious ‘senju’, a gift of nature. In 1945, immediately after the end of the war, China had made a great decision that would go down in history. China, in cooperation with the ‘Masa’ Tribe, ancestors of the ‘Nasi’ Tribe, a minority tribe that had been living in the high mountains in Yun-nan Province, had started the planting of ‘kotosugi’. It was continued every year , and the Chinese government has just arrived at the conclusion that ‘kotosugi’ is out danger of extinction and made a decision to export it exceptionally to two nations in the world, Japan and USA , according to the Policy of Health Reinforcement and the Policy of Acquisition of Foreign Exchange. The Kotosugi Corporation, the company invested by the Institute of Medicinal Study of the National Administrative Bureau of Medicine , the Chinese Department of Hygiene, has solely acquired the right to manufacture and import ‘kotosugi’ in Japan, and has started manufacturing of natural wood tea (‘kotosugi-cha’) and tablets that contain ‘kotosugi’ as the main ingredient.
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